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Bird Pins

Bird Pins

Bird pins are part of costume jewelry and very popular in the fashion circle. They are attached to the front of the dress or on the left or right shoulder pad, according to a personal preference. The pins are also attached to the collars of the dress and can be used for multiple purposes. These include holding identity cards, sunglasses or reading glasses. They are quite similar to broaches and if matched well, bird pins can lend a very special and ornate look to the costume.

Bird pins come in various designs, patterns, colors and materials. As the name suggests, they are pins shaped in the form various birds and come in vibrant colors. The decorations on the pins accentuate the bird s shape, making it more attractive, to flaunt in social gatherings. Bird pins are a part of treasured jewelry collections. Various metals and stones are used to make these pins. Some of the most commonly used materials are silver tone metal, cold metallic enamel, gold plated metal, lacquer, white metal, pot metal, rhinestones and cellulose acetate or polymer plastic.

Some of the popular bird shapes are the owl, toucan, eagle, penguin, swan, rooster, parrot and the hummingbird. Different movements of these birds are captured to depict different scenes, such as the seated bird or the bird in flight. A huge collection of bird pins and their various designs can be found online. Several dealers, manufacturing and selling bird pins, have their online catalogs on display. The pictures are accompanied by a detailed description of every item, the materials used, the condition of the pins and the prices. Some online catalogs even allow viewing both, the back and front of these pins, by clicking on separate links. Bird pins are collected as antique pieces for their designs and vintage value.

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